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ProEx Valves are the sole importers into the UK of Zubi Knife Gate Valves


Válvulas Zubi S.L has been manufacturing valves since 1979, focusing its activities at first on the exclusive manufacture of diaphragm valves, later expanding their range to manufacture knife gate- and check valves. Their wide range of products includes square fabricated valves as well as many customised variations made to order.


Seal rings and packings on the valves are specified to suit the application, media, concentration and temperature. Used in applications like powders, suspended solids and fluids. These valves are suitable in under hopper applications where the media is allowed to fall away from the seat area.


The ZUBI S200 Uni-directional and S700 Bi-directional Valves are stocked as standard.
We stock sizes 50-400mm in Cast Iron and Stainless Steel, PN10/16 Flanges, Handwheel, Cylinder and ISO top operated.

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